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Leroy de Vries

CrossFit Level 2,
CrossFit Weightlifting,
CrossFit Kids,
CrossFit Judge,
CrossFit Gymnastics

Le Roy started CrossFit at CrossFit South Atlanta and was immediately captivated. CrossFit became more than just a fitness program; it became a new way of life for him and his wife Crystal. It took him just over a year in the CrossFit lifestyle to decide to make bigger moves towards teaching and training for a living. With his parents living on Aruba, his dream became to start a CrossFit community in paradise.

As owner of the first affiliated CrossFit gym on the island, LeRoy wants to bring the CrossFit lifestyle to Aruba. As a certified Level 2 trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Kids trainer LeRoy prides himself as the head coach of CrossFit A297. Furthermore, LeRoy has big dreams to represent Aruba internationally in future CrossFit competitions.

Jean-Pierre van der Lak

CrossFit Level 1,
CrossFit Gymnastics

Jean-Pierre started training at CrossFit A297 from the first day back in October 2013. As one of the first members, his passion and commitment for the sport was apparent from the beginning. Just a couple of months after starting CrossFit, he became a Level 1 trainer and ever since has been the assistant to LeRoy the head coach.

Crystal de Vries

Administrator, Front dest

Crystal stared training at CrossFit South Atlanta together with her husband LeRoy. This was a huge lifestyle change for both of them. With the passion for the sport in place, Crystal encouraged LeRoy to start a CrossFit gym of their own on the island of Aruba. She hopes to continue to motivate all women to be healthy with her instagram page: @crossfitwomen_aruba.

Iris de Vries

Front desk

Sister to LeRoy, Iris helps ensure things get done at the box.

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